I am off to the hospital today. I am tagging my children along with me. My house help went home because she wanted to see her mother (of course, I can’t say no to that). SSS brought back my maternity benefit papers because they wanted the name of the person who signed it. So, I guess I really needed to go and get things done (even though its still raining). It can really help pay for my children’s needs.

I resigned from my work last February and until now, I didn’t get my separation pay. I am still following it up.

Well, there is a blessing after all. All I needed to do is follow-up it only. Can you help me pray for it? I think it’s better to follow-up Someone who has a greater influence in all situation.


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  • Mummy Sheng

    it’s really hard having a government like ours, people having to wait for ages just to claim what righfully belongs to them!

    hope you can clear up everything and get what they owe you.

    have a nice day inspite of the rain!

  • David Tamayo

    Am not a mommy but I am a parent. I have felt the same frustrations. The positive mind way of looking at things, is to create the mind set that all things due to you are already yours. Be grateful for what you do have. Plan for what you want like you will get it. Really simplistic sounding? The only hitch is that you have to be in control of your universe. We can learn to have this control together. Visit me at
    Take care!

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