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If you remember my post last month about a book entitled CEO Succession, I guess you would remember the famous author Dennis Carey, the founder of G100 and the CEO Academy.Anyway, he has written another best selling. It’s not like CEO Succession which is famously sold in hardbound copies but this one in an Ebook. “How to Run a Company: Lessons from Top Leaders of the CEO Academy” Ebook is now on sale at fictionwise.com and currently under their best selling list. This ebook is a collection of business lessons from an all-star team of famous and even veteran CEOs from the CEO Academy. This ebook discusses many valuable advices on how to achieve a company’s goal as a CEO is hired to do so. This ebook is not only recommended for CEOs but also for those who want to carry-out that best in their own businesses. You get great advices on how to run a company over to a greater success and be on top of every competition.

I think this is a good buy for ebook lovers and those with family businesses or those who plans to have a business in the near future!

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