Forever 21 Launches New Organic Collection in Time for Earth Day Celebration


Wouldn’t it be cool if we keep ourselves well-ventilated and hydrated this summer? With the rising temperatures, surely things will get hotter in the days to come. So, aside from constantly hydrating ourselves with water, keeping our body well-ventilated using cotton-based apparel is best!

Why cotton-based apparels? Cotton is delicate, lightweight, breathable, and absorbs sweat, permitting warmth to get away from the body and for you to remain cool. Therefore, cotton-based apparel is the best for summer and hot weather.

If you plan to update your wardrobe in time with this summer heat, Forever 21 is launching its new organic collection that uses organic cotton just in time with Shopee’s Shop Green campaign in celebration of Earth Day 2021 (April 19 to 25, 2021). Yup! It’s made from cotton and it’s organic!

Forever 21 new organic collection includes the following: Basic Organic Cotton Cami, Women’s Basic Organic Cotton Tee, and more. These apparel are cool to the body and very fashionable. You can wear them as is or pair them with others. And since it is organic cotton, it is eco-friendly.

Forever 21 Women’s Basic Organic Cotton Cami
Forever 21 Women’s Basic Organic Cotton Tee

Of course, I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity as I need new tees for summer. So, I got myself a Forever 21 Women’s Basic Organic Cotton Cami, a Forever 21 Women’s Basic Organic Cotton Tee, and a Forever 21 Women’s Organic Cotton-Blend Biker Shorts. I can’t wait to receive my package soon!

Forever 21 Women’s Organic Cotton-Blend Biker Shorts

I am always an advocate for a green living lifestyle but haven’t been able to get the chance to switch to eco-friendly alternatives when it comes to wardrobe. Thankfully, Forever 21 has these amazing green choices!

Check out Forever 21’s new organic collection at Shopee. Update your closet with these eco-friendly alternatives to a more fashionable and green summer look! Visit their shop now:

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