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I have been fascinated about homeschooling for many years now. It was not until last year (2015) that my eldest and I have decided to give it a try. I was in Vietnam doing my volunteer work when we thought about it. So, we decided to do some research.

My eldest was fascinated by the fact that travelling was possible for homeschoolers. She loved the idea so much that most of her research was leaning to the many possibilities of traveling while studying. As for me, I focused more on finding accredited homeschool providers in the Philippines. I emailed them to inquire about the possibility of homeschooling my children, the process on how to go about it, and the estimated amount it would entail.

My research led me to a sad news for my eldest daughter. Due to the recent change of Philippines’ educational program to K-12 Curriculum, homeschooling is only possible up to Grade 10. My eldest daughter is already an incoming Grade 11 student. Homeschooling is no longer possible for her. It was really a sad day for her when I broke the news, but we still decided that I should continue my research for her younger siblings.

Aside from finding an accredited homeschool provider by the government, I wanted to find one that wouldn’t be a burden to our budget. After many inquiries, prayer, reading blog posts and curriculum reviews, and interviewing homeschooling parents in my circle, I have finally found one that would suit our homeschooling needs – School of Tomorrow, Philippines!

School of Tomorrow, Philippines is one of the oldest homeschool providers in our country, if not the world (they use PACES from Accelerated Christian Education, Inc.). They have been around since 1978 here in the Philippines. So far, they are the most affordable among all the homeschool providers in the Philippines.

My two younger children are not yet enrolled with them. To be exact, they are yet not finished with their diagnostic tests. Since it is summer, I didn’t want to pressure them. I want them to enjoy the season.

In my next future posts, I will talk about my reasons why I wanted to homeschool my children and why I chose School of Tomorrow, Philippines as my homeschool provider.


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Sigrid Says April 25, 2016 - 10:00 am

It's good to know that you have almost completed the process of shifting to homeschooling your two younger children. It is not an easy decision to make, especially for those who have already been used to the school system. At first you may need to adjust schedules, set up, behavior patterns, and attitude, but eventually, you will find what works for your children as well as yourself. Congratulations Mommy and wishing you well in your homeschooling journey. 😀 ~Lovingly Mama

PINAY MOMMY April 25, 2016 - 10:03 am

Thank you! I know it will be very hard. I am sure it will take a lot of prayers as well. Thank you also for being one of my resource person during my researching stage!


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