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I am not a fashionista and I am not into any social things either. I am just a plain and simple mommy who loves to stay at home and earn online. But, I really loved seeing new things and even exploring the World Wide Web. I once wanted to be a fashion model or image model but it didn’t work out for me. I am more of a person who has a lot of ideas and loves to implement it.
Well, I like smelling good things too! I love trying out new fragrances. Several of the fragrances I loves comes from one source. They have something both for men and women – BOSS Fragrances! They have created several famous fragrances lines sold in the following names: BOSS, BOSS FRAGRANCES, BOSS-FRAGRANCES, HUGO BOSS, prestige, fragrance, BOSS Bottled, BOSS Selection, BOSS femme, BOSS In Motion, BOSS In Motion Edition, BOSS Intense, BOSS Woman, essence de femme, BOSS Soul and of course, they are bottled in different volume in term of contents.

By the way, have you seen their website at BOSSfragances.com? They have detailed information on their products. They also have write-ups on why they have chosen a certain model to project the image of their fragrances too! And for their website platform, I was astonished. I liked their presentation.

Try to visit it! I am sure you’ll loving browsing around!!

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Elliot May 5, 2008 - 5:46 am

I’m glad that PinayMommy can at least shoulder your household’s expenses. ^^; I also with to contribute to my parents thru my blog. But 3 months na siya wala pang page rank. haha. Perhaps waiting ang link-exing with as much people as I can would do..Anyhow, I also wrote a similar add for Hugo fragrances for a friend of mine. And knowing the brand, hmm, did your effort quite “pay” off? Ngayon sideline ko tagagawa ng reviews sa friend ko na un na may pagerank na 4 while waiting to be awarded with a PR.^^;


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