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Due to the economic downtimes, many people have started to consider finding a job or a better paying occupation. In our place, most people are leaving the country to seek work abroad so that their families will have better chances of having a good life. So now, companies are faced with millions of applicants with only a few hundred jobs to offer.

Instead of posting a job hiring, some companies tend to avail of a free resume search online. They use a job networking website that can provide them resumes that targets potential candidates in a certain area. If their company is situated in Los Angeles, they browse at the available California Resumes or if in New York, they can try the list of New York Resumes. This will make it easy for them to interview applicants that live within the near-by areas.

One of the newest companies that provide such services is YouInterviewMe.com. Aside from offering companies to search resumes free, this site also offers job seekers to find jobs their (also for free). They have made their site easy to use by offering different functions to help bridge the connection between the job seekers and providers. They also tend to become the internet’s biggest FREE job networking and search site.

Anyway, after visiting their site, I felt like preparing my resume. Who knows, some company may directly hire me?

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