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Friends and Invitations

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One of my friends told me that she makes money online by playing poker. She invited me several times but I declined the offer. I don’t know how to play poker and besides I am not got with these kinds of games. Well, since she always leave an offline message at my messenger, I opted to re-send her message to some of my other friends online. Hoping they might want to join her playing online poker.

Luckily somebody replied but he says he still a newbie at online poker. Oh well, I guess if you have been doing things offline is fairly new to you if it’s in an online setting. So, I told him to check some websites. Probably, there would be one that teaches newbie how to play online poker. Well, what do you know! In a few minutes he shared to his online finds – OnlinePoker-Rooms.Org. So, I checked it out. Indeed a great site for a newbie. They have tutorials on how to play it online and even have extensive reviews on several online poker sites. Even seasoned poker players can find great resources at the website. They have news and articles related to this online game.

He indeed found a great resource for himself and my girl friend has a new poker play mate online. Well, they are happy playing and I am happy also – she doesn’t send me invitations anymore. 😉

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