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When I started playing FrontierVille, I was so engrossed by it that I always play every day. In fact, I even played the accounts of my children when I felt bored from waiting for my crops to grow and to complete a mission. Then one day, I was already around my 40th level when I was able to finish all the basic missions. And because of that, there were weeks that I only played once a day.

But lately, I was so surprised that they have new updates. They have new missions and every time I finish one, they will have another one a few days later. This time the latest is the Path Finding missions. The mission is about making dirt path around your homestead.

Now, it kept me wondering, after the path missions and my homestead will have paths all around, what will be our my next mission? Creating a roadside assistance club just like the Jackalope Lodge missions? LOL! Anyway, whatever they have in mind, I am already excited as long as they keep the missions coming in!!

FrontierVille is a registered trademark by Zynga Games. Photo taken from FrontierVille Facebook Fan page at: http://www.facebook.com/FrontierVille

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