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After hearing the buzz about the new Zynga game, FrontierVille, I didn’t think twice in joining the crowd. It’s been a long time since I have been playing FarmVille, FarmTown, Café World, PetVille and more and it seems that these games are dying on me. So, I thought I needed a new one. And there it was, FrontierVille came!

FrontierVille is a Facebook game that let you start your own homestead and pioneer the wilderness. You are given goals to accomplish which will give you rewards if completed. The game also allows you to decorate your homestead with outdoor fireplaces, gardens, pools and many more. You can also plant crops and trees and harvest them later on for food.

So far, I loved FrontierVille! And I am glad that the developers are making more improvements for the games so that the players won’t lose interest!!

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