Fun Family Activities

If you have kids, you would like to think up of activities that will get them interested, give them fun and happy memories, as well as to stimulate their learning. One great activity that parents can endeavor with their youngsters is to go out and explore the great outdoors, either to take a hike, have an overnight camp out and tell stories by the campfire, or go mountain climbing (for bigger kids).

If your family is into the outdoors stuff, you should really invest in good quality gear like tents, lamps, torches, sleeping bags, sweaters, and hiking boots. You would also like to have some handy tools and gadgets like a compass, a hunting knife, a portable stove with butane, and miniaturized stainless utensils and water bottles. But for those who do not want to get too involved with these outdoor activities, a tent in the house would give you endless fun while camping in the backyard.

4 thoughts on “Fun Family Activities

  1. It’s been my dream to go camping with my family 🙂 Setting up a tent and doing bonfire by the beach seem fun too!

  2. Hiking is what most family do here in the US. if not hiking ang kakambal naman ni hiking na walk ang ginagawa hehehe. It’s a good activity and exercise though

  3. Its every childs dream to do camping. I never tried it in my childhood .. my kids occasionally plays camping.. but only inside the house.

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