Fun Uses of Air Compressors

Except those on the mechanical field, a lot of people don’t realize the importance of air compressors in our daily lives. From the refrigerator that preserves our food, those balloons that makes us happy and the vehicles we use to travel – air compressors are essential to make all these things work. Here, we can find many other things that uses air compressor that you may find amusing and important.

1. It does the blow jobs!
Instead of letting your lungs burst, air compressors does the inflation for us. This machine compresses air into tires, balls we use in sports, and even in animal balloons.

2. Fixes our teeth
Did you know that these air compressors are also used by dentists in saving a tooth. The “dentist’s drill” also use air compressors to pump out air and remove decays.

3. It is an art medium
If you have the best fine motor skills, you can make lots of money in air brushing that obviously use air compressors. Air brushing can be applied in different canvass such as shirts and cloth and of course the face which is the best canvass for cosmetic air brushing.

4. Fun shooting
Have you ever made a peking duck? well, if you would try, you might need the help of dart guns that ran on compressed air. You can also use air compressors in sandblasting and projectile launchers. But from a safety standpoint, you might want to think twice in doing those fun things unless you really figure out what you would be doing first

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