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Funny Sproutwells Webisode

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Having kids in the family, you can’t help but watch cartoons. They asked for it and sometimes you felt that you already like watching with them. But for me, I really love watching cartoons. I look upon them as my stress relievers!

Just lately, I was able to watch the first of the new animated webisode series called the Sproutwells! It was really funny and the conversation used was of natural antics, not to mention, the daughter and I have the same name – Ruby. Anyway, if you want to know more about this new animated feature, I encourage you to watch the video attached below.

If I were to be a vegetable, I should say I would be a green cucumber. Because I have a slim figure and I think I am like the cucumber who could cool someones eyes. ^_^ So, what veggie would you be?

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