Gaining Weight

I am planning to enroll in a gym. Since I am into “too much” blogging, it wouldn’t hurt to be fit and healthy. I really wanted to gain some weight. My cousin was thin like me before but after taking prohormones and some bodybuilding lessons at the gym, he gained a considerable weight. He now looks so handsome with his macho appeal. Maybe, I can look beautiful and full-figured too. Don’t you think??

7 thoughts on “Gaining Weight

  1. *witwiw* Sexy ng Pinay Mommy! Hehe! At least ikaw pwede kang mag two piece bathing suit. Ako good luck na lang sa mga stretch marks ko sa tummy. Hehe! Go, Mommy Ruby!

  2. Who is this woman. she is stunning..(grins). You’re as fit as a gymnast. I wish I had a body like yours….he he he..but I know that can never happen.

    happy blogging.

  3. OMG! go for gym just to get fit, not to gain weight! lol. how i wish i can be as thin as you are. errr… as sexy as you are diay.

  4. no need for you to go to the gym or take the prohormones… ako nalang ihatag sa imo ako sobra na muscles…aw fats diay! lol!

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