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What do you usually do when you are doing a serious printing job project? Do you buy branded ones? Well, I do love branded items when it comes to my printer but when it comes to my inkjet cartridges, I prefer other cost effective means such as buying alternatives or what is commonly called generic brands.
But there is a word of caution, when buying generic brands; you must make sure that you are buying from a trusted source. Make sure they offer a warranty that their products are free from defects. One of Better Business Bureaus’ accredited online shops that sell generic ink, inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges, and toners for your printer, fax machine or copier is Inkers.
Inkers can guarantee that all their products are 100% free from any defect for one full year. Aside from that, they have a 30day “no question asked” return policy. They also offer FREE shipping with an average delivery time of 2 – 3 days anywhere from the US and Puerto Rico.

If you want to purchase your next inkjet cartridges from them, Inkers is available to help you with your online orders between 6am to 4pm (Pacific Time) during weekdays. All major credit cards accepted and so as PayPal.

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