Get Big Savings on Your Lumber Liquidators Orders!

The house is finally clean, even deeply, the color scheme and decor in your home is finally how you’ve intended for years, but still, something is missing. In order for your home to reach your full vision and have the feel you’ve been going for, it needs one final touch: wooden flooring. If you said a mental “amen”, I’ve got incredible news for you! Lumber Liquidators has released unbeatable savings on hardwood and laminate flooring so head over to Groupon.com to get your hands on deals that are more than enough motivation to finally take action for your flooring dreams.

Has it been solid hardwood, prefinished hardwood or wood-like tile that you’ve been dreaming of to complete your dream home? Depending on your home and family dynamic, it could be European laminate that you’re pining for. Whatever the case and preference, Lumber Liquidators is your answer, especially now that an array of sales and discounts are up for grabs for a limited time only. Maybe it’s the installation labor that’s caused you to put this aspiration on the back burner. If so, I’m here to tell you to act fast because right now on Groupon.com, you can find a coupon for up to $500 (yes, $500) off of a professional installation of your new flooring. Now, with how much you can save on the flooring, installation and even, flooring tools, there is truly no excuse for procrastination.

Take full advantage of what’s being offered here: coupon codes, promotions, and sales that can get you the perfect flooring your home deserves. After all, it is where you spend the majority of your time, host parties, and family dinners, and it’s what most reflects you and your personality. This is the perfect time to give it a spruce that will go a long way without breaking the bank. Some unpassable deals to keep your eye out for this spring blowout sale are 50% off the solid hardwood, $1.99 sq./ft. on distressed cocoa bamboo, European laminate from $0.69 sq./ft. and make sure to sign up for Groupon’s email deals for Lumber Liquidators while you’re at it.

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  • Paula Schuck

    Oh wow. Thanks so much for sharing this. We just redid our floor a couple of years ago, and this would have been so welcome. We do love Lumber Liquidators, but when you add even more savings on top of their prices, it’s awesome.

  • Lynzy Coughlin

    Oh wow this is a great deal! I will definitely be signing up for the Groupon/Lumber Liquidators emails. I’m currently house hunting so this would be a great thing to keep in mind. I’m not too picky on my floors but I have a 70lbs dog, that will shed eventually so not having a carpet that always looks dirty is priority number 1! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Vera Bortolotto

    Groupon is one of my favorites! I have never seen Lumber Liquidators on there. That is a welcome surprise for sure! I am glad I saw this post! Thank you so much.

  • Joely Smith

    Every floor in our home, with the exception of one bedroom have wood flooring. We love it! There are a couple places that need repair, or redone though. This is great – thank you!

  • Farrah Less G.

    I heard their commercial so many times at our local radio station every morning. We recently move to a new home it was a moved in ready. But of course in the future we want to do some updates on our floor and kitchen. And we are seriously want to check out Lumber Liquidations for a possibly savings.

  • Nikki

    Right now, we rent a house that is covered in carpets. I am hoping to buy a house in the not so distant future, and one of my biggest rules is that it will have NO carpets! Hardwood floors are definitely the way to go, and this is a great deal on them!

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