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It may seem unlikely in the eyes of a child, but reading will reap the benefits in the long run when it comes to taking exams and finding employment. The earlier you are able to introduce your child to the world of literature, the better. Knowledge is power and by reading, children can unlock the key to that power by enveloping vast amounts of information as well as uncovering the secrets of different cultures.

When you’re younger, there is a certain stigma attached to reading, claiming that the act is mundane, boring and a waste of time. This is where kid’s audio-books come into the picture as they are able to add a healthy dose of entertainment to literature that really engages with the youthful mind.

Traditionally, audio-books have been used in schools where children suffer from learning deficiencies or for children with certain impairments that prevent them from reading from a book. Sometimes it’s better to hear the words out loud for future reference; if a child tries to read a book and can’t pronounce a word, they’ll have no interest in looking up its definition for future reference but if they hear it pronounced correctly through the audio-book, it’ll become ingrained in their mind.

Vocabulary and grammar are the two foundations of the English language and a great deal of stress is placed on it in today’s society. Audio-books introduce children to this world at an earlier level, making it fun, interesting and ensuring the child’s willingness to learn and perhaps even begin to read at a higher level than they would be ordinarily capable of.

Literature is not like watching movies or TV, both which contain their own unique benefits, as it’s drawn-out and meticulous in the way it crafts characters, stories and sometimes takes hundreds of pages to really get into the flow of the story. Readers will have to be patient and appreciate what the author is trying to do at times and a big part of this comes from our ability to concentrate on the action at hand. Whilst the world of TV can cause children’s minds to zone out, listening to an audio-book can significantly improve a child’s listening and concentration skills. It stimulates the imagination as they actively try to piece together images of the story in their head as the narrative is read out in the correct and proper way, improving creativity at the same time.

All these aspects, from the heightened creative senses to the improved listening skills, go together to boost the importance of audio-books in terms of a child’s introduction to literature but there is a degree of independence involved as well. Listening to an audio-book allows a child to have a sense of freedom, working on their own, trying to decode the narrative as it unfolds without a parent/teacher hovering over them at all times. This is the same aspect of independence that will encourage the child to begin to seek out more comprehensive novels and stories.

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    instilling the love of reading to to your child is one of the best gifts a mother can give. it can be done by reading to your child as soon as the child is born and by exposing him to different children’s books.

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