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Get Motivated to Exercise and See the Benefits

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Some people see the latest pronouncements about how unfit UK society has become and their eyes glaze over. They enjoy the Indian takeaways after a night at the pub. The few extra pounds around the waist are just a natural consequence of getting older aren’t they?

Others take the opposite view. They are keen on staying fit and healthy. It is just that it is so difficult because of the hectic lives they lead. Simply because they are rushing round does not mean they will burn up the calories they consume in their hastily consumed meals and snacks. We are living in an ever more obese world, and although natural remedies can help, the temptations of unhealthy habits are hard to avoid. Microwaves, fast food, and the food industry processed foods have a great deal to answer for. It is possible to fit in time for exercise, of course, but the final obstacle is motivation. Does this ring a bell with you?

Your wardrobe

One motivation is being able to fit into the clothes in the wardrobe. Come summer time you want to look good on the beach don’t you? Exercising takes self discipline. Sometimes a target in sight spurs people into action, but they must persevere, and therein lies the benefit of an environment that is a pleasure to attend.


Fitness clubs can be forbidding, daunting places, but good ones ensure that anyone coming for the first time will be made to feel welcome. The surroundings are just one part of the environment. The others are the staff and the other people coming along to improve their fitness. Steve, of thefitnessmosaic.com” says “classes are a great way to make people feel at home. There may be some friendly competition but there is also a common purpose within the room, which helps everyone raise their own personal bar.”

You should go down the classes route if you feel you have a lot to learn, and will benefit from the camaraderie of a workout group. The result will be that your motivation will still be there even after a bad day, or on a cold winter’s night. You will have started slowly when you first attended but if you go along and meet your new friends regularly you will soon notice the benefits. You will also feel better, more confident and will feel a sense of belonging.


Your training sessions should become part of your diary, just as business meetings and doctor’s appointment; there may be less of the latter if you get fitter.

There are so many ways to exercise and improve your health and overall well-being. Your health is precious and it is something you should prioritise. This does not mean you cannot eat fatty foods now and again, nor is there any problem with a glass of wine or a beer. You should just develop plenty of healthy habits and routines to keep you fit.

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