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Get Paid To Blog and a New Adventure

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February 16, 2008 would be the last day that I am going to render my services to the company that I have worked with for almost 3 years. This would also be the day that signifies my new adventure to become a “stay-at-home-mommy.”

I call it an adventure since I have been a career mom ever since my eldest was born!! That’s why I could not say I am a 100% mommy or should I say that I haven’t proven myself as a mother to them yet (I spend more time at work than my children). And now, here I am about to embark a new experience!! A real life adventure!!

But as an adventure as it is, the difficulty of being a mother and seeing the needs of your children in financial terms can make you look for ways to earn money to augment these needs. So, I also decided that I should not stop earning money even if I am at home.

With my desire to be a SAHM and an income earner at the same time, I opted to look for ways to earn online. In this way, I can stay at home still. About last year, I came across PayPerPost.com. What I love about this company is that you get paid to blog – they pay you for doing the things that you are already doing – blogging!! (Well, if you’re not better be.) As for me, I love to write about my experiences, my complaints, my opinions and they will pay for it – in dollars!! Isn’t that wonderful?? My blog got approved recently for this. So, I am really enthusiastic about my adventure. I am so excited!!!

Well, I am really happy that I was given the opportunity to earn while at home. I will have an additional income to help augment my family’s financial need.

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janet February 7, 2008 - 12:03 am

hi ruby, glad you got into this also. happy for you.

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