Get Passport??

After all that had happened to me, my aunt and my cousins in the US are now convincing me to get a passport ready. They really wanted me to go their because of my persisting marital problems. They say it would be my chance to start a new life far from my hubby. If I can’t go right away, my aunt has promised support for me to go to school again. She said life their will help my children’s future.
Is this the right decision, to go back to school and then leave my country and my kids behind for a career life in the US? I mind is so messed up lately. I couldn’t sleep and the stress has taken its toll on my body. What shall I do?

1 thought on “Get Passport??

  1. Wish you well on your decisions… I am sure you would have only the best intentions for your kids and yourself. Things will fall into place. Have hope… TC, Marie

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