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Getting Healthy

I think it is a good thing to get into the healthy bandwagon. And why not? Health had always been wealth. If we are healthy, we could work and also enjoy our free time and not hindered by sickness. We also do not have to spend on medicines, doctor’s fees, and hospital bills. I truly agree that health is wealth.

Now, if health is wealth, what should we do to keep healthy? One is to get regular exercise. It does not necessarily have to require a gym membership, but a daily 20-minute intentional movement session is enough to get the heart pumping.

We also need to eat more vegetables and fruits and less meat and carbohydrates.

Additionally, we have to take supplements of vitamins and minerals so that whatever nutrients are lacking in our food intake, it will be supplemented by over the counter brands. Hmmm…what else? I guess for me I would need fat burning supplements so that I will reach my weight loss goals as soon as possible.

I am sure that all of these combined will really get me back on the road to healthy living. I intend to start as soon as possible and I encourage you friends to do the same.

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11 thoughts on “Getting Healthy

  1. i want a fat burning as in maka burn talaga na fat burning suppl marz para ma burn lahat pati ang hindi dapat ma burn ma burn hehehe

  2. its so hard to stay on a healthy diet as a mom. it all boils down to discipline in which we should gather while still young. the older we get the harder it is to get back to shape. thanks for this reminder!

  3. health is indeed wealth. hubby got sick a few days ago and he wasn’t able to work for almost a week. it’s difficult to convince him to take supplements (he’s really stubborn sometimes) so i guess this is going to be a challenge for me…

  4. I need to be healthy too!
    ciguro ako walking..and since malapit lang tinitirhan ko sa work ko..instead taking pedicab..walking2 na lang and back to my hola hoop session..
    cheers for healthy living!

  5. I need to lose weight. so much fats are stucked all over my body. and every year, same resolutions but somehow this year, i want to focus na jud. haiz!

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