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Getting Help from the Best Online Survey Software


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Being a fulltime mom isn’t an easy task. You get to take care of everything in the household and you aren’t allowed to have a day off. Part of your task is to help out your kids in their homework that would always end up in answering everything for them.

My eldest daughter went home one day ranting about her latest school project. I didn’t know that kids these days are already having bunch of research works and investigatory projects in almost all subjects.

During my time, conducting surveys would mean printing questionnaires and roaming around the campus convincing students to answer it. After which, you be manually collating the results and pay someone for the statistical analysis.

As to my astonishment, she said that she would be utilizing some sort of survey software to get all the data that she needs. I totally forgot that we are already in the internet era and everything can be done online. She told me that her project is about conducting a survey among her classmates and the amount of time their spending online. She approached me because she wants me to look for best online survey software that I could find while she’s going to do her other projects.

Good thing it wasn’t that difficult to find one. I just showed her the link and I’m so proud of her because she did the rest of the work. She was able to understand how the software works and later presented to me her finished project with all the analysis and conclusions.

It’s so amazing how things work these days with the help of the internet. Information can be obtained in an instant and process of getting it by just typing the right keywords. The younger generation is so lucky to live with this kind of advancement.


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William T. Co July 24, 2012 - 3:17 pm

In a lot of ways, kids’ projects have turned to be more complicated as the years gone by… I know we didn’t do a lot of the things they do now. But they also do have new technologies to help them cope.

LOURDES July 24, 2012 - 10:40 pm

Kids are indeed lucky nowadays. Technology definitely has many advantages.

Sherry July 29, 2012 - 12:46 am

Yeah kids nowadays need Internet and computer to help them in project


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