Getting Ready When They are Not Ready


Being a single mom to three kids is not an easy task, I have to work double-time just to sustain our family’s needs. Most of the time, I only focus on our daily and immediate needs. I don’t really think about what will happen in the future or what if something will happen to me. Not until I heard the story of my friend’s public school teacher friend.

She told me that her public school teacher friend from Padre Zamora Elementary School, Pasay City died at the age of 52 years old. She was still actively teaching but she tragically died from brain herniation during her time in school last December 22, 2017. It came to a shock to everyone, especially to her family. She was survived by a daughter, a son, and her husband.

Death came so unexpectedly that the family was left very sad and devastated. They weren’t financially prepared for everything but little did they know that their mom purchased a Group Personal Account (GPA) last June 16, 2017, around 6 months prior to her death. With that, the family was able to receive 50,00.00 pesos from Cocolife, the biggest Filipino-owned stock life insurance company in the country. The amount they received helped them adjust with the sudden financial problems they encountered due to the death of one of their family members.

Upon hearing that, I thought of researching about GPA. Then I learned that GPA or Group Personal Accident is an approach uniquely intended to shield a group of chosen individuals from the results of a sudden mishap. These results can be passing, inability, and so forth. The group of individuals secured can be the workers of the organization, the relatives of representatives or individuals from any social gathering or network. So I guess these teachers had decided to buy group insurance from Cocolife and one their teachers died unexpectedly and the husband (her beneficiary) was able to claim.

With unexpected things happening left and right, it made me think of getting ready for my family when they are not ready. Well, I am not saying these things to be negative, but what I am saying is just to be prepared for our family. I don’t want my kids to feel sad and problematic at the same time when something unexpected will happen to me. So, I decided to check on Cocolife. I discovered that they have a lot of product offers such as BankAssurance, Group Insurance, Healthcare, Individual Insurance, Mutual Funds, and Special Markets. What strikes me the most is their healthcare and individual insurance products. I want to learn more about this since I work from home and I don’t have a group to get group insurance with. So probably this is my best bet.

Anyway, my story might be a little gloomy but this made me realize that we should always be prepared since we don’t know what will happen in the future. As a single mom of three children, I always want to be the best for my children in this life and even in the next.

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  • Kb Santi

    Cocolife has been actively supporting DEPED Teachers and Coconut Farmers. It is really good to be ready than sorry specially to your family when they need to support you.

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