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Gift from a Friend

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I am so happy when I opened by blog today. I saw a message at my cbox that I have a banner waiting for me at a certain link. And here is what it looks like:
It’s given to me as gift from my friend THK of skoyu.com. We meet because of PEXLINKS Triple Love Project and recently he joined Surf and Drop Project too. I find visiting his blog everyday because of this but not only that, I discovered from his posts that he has a very interesting hobby of making animated and static banners. That made me love visiting his blog even more because he shares how to make one for yourself. And now, mine is for FREE!!


Anyway, you can also avail of his services too. He is giving away 20% discount on his banner services. CLICK HERE to get more info. If you want to build yourself one, my best recommendation is visit his blog and subscribe to his feeds. Get latest tutorials and updates!!


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TKH June 15, 2008 - 12:06 am

Gosh. Didn’t expect you would blog about skoyu! I decided to design a banner for you because I appreciate you starting the movements and contributing to blogosphere. If you need any adjustments to the image above, do not hesitate to contact me. I will amend it for you, FOC.
Also, many thanks for spreading the word about skoyu… really appreciate it.

May this episode be the start of a brilliant friendship. Cheers.


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