Gift Plans for My Children

We all know that I have three children already. So that means, I have to prepare three gifts this Christmas. As for my gifts for them, here are some of my ideas of what I am going to give them.

For my eldest, I am not planning to give her toys. I am sure she would appreciate something that would suit her tastes. So for her, I am planning to buy her new clothes; not clothes for children but for pre-teens. She has an evident change of fashion taste because she no longer wears her old clothes.

For my only son and my youngest girl, I am planning to give them toys since they their ages are still 7 and 1. They will enjoy toys as much as their eldest sibling. As for my boy, I will be getting him some army related toys as he loves to play as an army. As for my baby girl, I am planning to give her learning toys for toddlers.

Now that I have an idea, my problem is to find budget for these gifts. I need to earn extra so that I could buy them to make my childrenโ€™s Christmas a happy one!!

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