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Gifts and Caffeine

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I got a lot of virtual presents from my recently concluded birthday. I will make a special post about it soon. Just so happened that all the links to it was at the forum, and the forum is not accessible as of the moment because the bandwidth exceeded. Well, I was planning to upgrade my plan anyway but I am not able to afford it that just yet. Maybe in the next few months or so… by the way, advertisers anyone?? He he he…

Anyway, one of the virtual gifts that I received was a free domain with free hosting. Yahoo!! It was given by my chat mate and friend. It will be revealed during my birthday complimentary post in the next few days. So, stay tuned for that.

Ok, I am a blogger and a coffee lover…no denying about that. I found a cute online quiz to determine how caffeinated I am today. Check out my results!! I think you should try it for yourself too.

Enjoy the rest of the day!!

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