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Gifts for Little Boys

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My friend sent me a message the other day asking for some tips to get for a little boy’s birthday party. All of her kids are girls and she was just clueless as to what little boys might like. At first I thought of personalized soccer balls to give the little boy, but then again, not all boys like soccer. Some boys like basketball more, or even baseball, so unless I knew what the kid liked, I really could not suggest something specific.

So I thought, what about getting a gift that would be somewhat generic that all kids like. I suggested getting shirts for the kid, but my friend said that she wanted something fun – clothes are definitely not fun for kids. I also suggested that she give books but she said the kid was not the reading type.

Finally, I thought perhaps she could just get the kid a coupon or gift certificate at the mall. That way, the kid would take his pick among the toys there and have what he wanted. My friend thought it was a great idea, but just in case, she said she might get some super hero stuff to go.

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