Giving a Thought


There are things you really don’t give a thought about until the time when you really need it. For instance, you won’t really think about umbrellas until it rains or when it is extremely hot. Well, how about a fire hose? I am sure you don’t really think about it until a fire is threatening to raze down your property or the property of those you know and care about.

While we may not give much thought about fire hoses until we need them, our friendly firemen would think about them if not all the time, I guess all the time. It is the very thing they will use whenever they try to prevent a fire and when there is no fire, they do make sure that those hoses are maintained well. I am sure that more than fire hoses and umbrellas, there may also be people we don’t notice much until we need them. It can be our neighbourhood policeman or our office cleaning staff. I think it is good to take notice of them; they do so much and yet we might only get to think about them when they fail to do their job. Perhaps they might appreciate a word of appreciation from our end. Well, it’s just a thought.

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    Ok! My best friend she is a single parent, and I think she really struggled raising her son. I was wondering if its normal to give a friend a gift on mother’s day? I always thought you only give gifts to your mother.

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