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GMail Increases Security Measures

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Freshly squeezed Google mail news shows that Google has adapted an advanced version for sign-in security.

It is a fact that as of late, have been instances where email control was lost and various spam messages were released from an unsuspecting Gmail user. The “Mugged in London” scam had hit the email client a few weeks back, attacking unsuspecting victims and preying on people who are only concerned for their friend or loved one who has come across an unfortunate event while in London. Or so the email said.

Hot on the heels of the said scam, Google Accounts now has a 2-step verification option wherein a user can log in after passing through two independent factors just to get authenticated. This is something like that of a banking website where there is a code plus the password just to ensure safety.

This is a good thing because emails these days hold passwords and accounts to just about anything online. Security measures should always be observed at all costs.

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