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Godchildren and Gifts

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In our culture, having a godfather and a godmother during christening is always valued. Usually, close relatives and friends are being invited to become one. As for me, I have been invited several times. Most of my godchildren are baby boys.
Anyway, when the day of the christening happens, it’s a usual practice to give gifts to the baby. The most common of all are baby toys but I preferred gifts that are useful and that the baby would surely use it for a long time.

Baby cribs might be a good choice if the parents haven’t bought one. The baby would definitely use it until age 1 or 2. But if your godchild has one already, you might prefer giving highchairs instead. They might not be able to use it until the baby could sit by itself and start eating solids. And of course, if you are budget conscious, you can always get one or two travel cots. It cost lesser than baby furniture and can be used by the baby almost every time it goes outside.

Whatever is the gift, the thought always counts! The responsibility of being a godfather and godmother is still the most important when it comes to the christening.

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