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Going Back to School

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My father and my aunt have always been talking about me going to the US to work. They said if I work there and hopefully migrate with my family, our family’s chances in life would be great.

So they told me that I should go back to school to become a nurse or a teacher because these are the professions in the US that are in demand. Since I have a baby and two school age children, going back to school seems to be a surmountable task. It would be very difficult for me to balance time. I have to allot time for my kids, my husband, and my work online and school.

Anyway, I told my aunt that going back to school is difficult unless I do it the new way – study online! Yup, with today’s technology, getting an online degree is possible. I can even get an online teaching degree that has a curriculum accredited in the US like the programs offered by Western Governors University. That means I can go back to school and learn how to become a teacher without ever leaving our house!

And guess what?! Since my father and aunt belong to the olden ways, they don’t believe what I said to them about having an online degree. So I told them to just visit the website and consider the options. I might get my teacher’s degree online without spending money on fare just to get to school!

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