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Going Green All the Way

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I am trying to adopt a greener way of living and I have taken baby steps to begin with. I first started by recycling some of the stuff we have at home. I also started using eco friendly bags when shopping for groceries instead of using plastic bags. I have also made several blog posts about the importance of being Earth friendly.

I have decided to take the step further by applying hydroponics when tending my garden. What is that? It is a technology for growing plants in nutrient solutions, which is water containing fertilizers, with or without the use of an artificial medium to provide mechanical support. Artificial medium includes sand, gravel, peatmoss or sawdust.

I really think now is the best time to show that we are socially and environmentally responsible. We only have one planet, one home, where we can live in and it is only right that we do everything to save it.

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