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Going Pink for October 2018

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If you have noticed, aside from moving this blog from blogger.com to a self-hosted WordPress, my blog is now sporting a dominant pink color. Well, this is not actually a pink theme, but I changed the color as my way of supporting my long-running online advocacy in spreading Breast Cancer Awareness.

Started as An Online Advocacy

I started advocating awareness for breast cancer in October 2008 by going pink for October with my blogs. I saw this defunct website that asks people to promote “Pink for October” to everyone. They want to bring awareness to everyone about breast cancer and to raise money for research. Since I don’t have deep pockets, this is the only way I can support the campaign – promoting it online. And now it has been 10 years already!

Local Group – THRIVE

Then, not too long ago, I met local breast cancer survivors. We talked about spreading the awareness here in our city, too. The local group, THRIVE, is the one who initiates breast cancer awareness activities. I started supporting them by promoting and attending their events. What was once an online advocacy has now become an offline advocacy as well.

By the way, THRIVE are a “non-partisan, non-profit, non-stock advocacy core group composed of breast cancer survivors and supporters whose primary aims are to raise awareness on breast cancer and its treatment options and to partner with local government units, schools and other interested organizations on bringing women’s health care services, particularly for affordable or free breast cancer screening and surgery, to indigent patients.” They are really an awesome bunch of wonder women!

Profile Picture Goes Pink for October

Aside from making this blog pink, I even changed my Facebook profile and some of my FB pages to showcase my support. Getting my Bitmoji avatar and embedding it with a Pink for October badge.

I choose to support this advocacy because a lot of women can be saved if their’s were detected early. So if women are made aware (and even men, because some of them get breast cancer as well) at an early stage by going to a regular check-up, it would be a different story for everyone.

How about you? Are you going PINK for OCTOBER?

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zoan October 8, 2018 - 1:06 pm

I will go PINK for October din!


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