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Going to Look for a Good Cable TV Provider

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My children are already bugging me if there’s cable TV connection in our house in CDO. You know how kids are these days. They would rather watch TV shows and cartoons once they’re done with their homework instead of playing outside or with their toys.

To tell you honestly, I don’t watch much TV other than news programs or documentaries – stuff that really need to be watched. So I’m not really keen on having cable TV installed in the house. But for the sake of my kids, I’m willing to go out on a limb and contact a cable provider as soon as we get to CDO. I actually know only a few cable providers and I’m not even sure if they service our area. I would be very happy if Bell Télé serviced CDO but that would be wishful thinking.

So I guess that’s another item to add to my list of to-dos once we get to CDO. Can you suggest any good cable TV provider within the area?

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