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Gold in My Mind

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Ahhh… Gold is really in my mind right now. All this tinsel around me for Christmas is reminding me of glittering, shiny gold.

I really am seriously thinking of bullion of gold. With that word, I associate it with gold bars much like the Yamashita treasure that was linked to the ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses. I can only imagine owning like stacks of gold bars placed in crates.

But I guess aside from gold jewelry, the closest that I can get to owning pure gold bullion is buying those bullion coins. They are smaller in size and therefore lighter in weight so they must cost less than the gold bars.

Now I am so excited because it seems that my dream of owning gold in its pure state as an investment is within my reach. Cool! Honestly, I cannot sleep thinking about it. When I am excited about something I cannot sleep. And this is one of the things I am losing sleep. haha

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