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Gold is the Color

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I love the color of gold. I know, they say that not everything that shines is gold, or at least, not real gold, but I really like its shiny, shimmering effect. Gold is just different. I have silver jewelry but if I can afford it someday, I would like to buy those shiny yellow gold jewelry.

And you know what? There is also something that I would like to do—I want to buy gold coins. I do remember in the olden times, especially those that I read in the bible, that they used precious metals like gold and silver for their coins as a means of trade. I so love the idea of having gold coins. So Old World! Anyway, they are pretty expensive, as most gold coins are already antiques. But I would like to own even just a few of them someday, even just 5 pieces. And I would keep them in a special box.

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