Good Morning errr Noon!


I just woke up after sleeping around seven plus in the morning (today). I haven’t eaten anything yet and now I am in front of the computer. I am trying to remember what workloads that I have forgotten to accomplish last night. Hmmmm… I guess I still have many pending jobs to do.
Anyway, the children are already enjoying lunch over a movie right now and it seems they are pretty much entertained. And while I was typing this post, my father came inside the room to inform me that my uncle is here and it’s his birthday. Since they are the only two siblings left here in the city, they celebrate their birthday together. No party, just them talking, eating and a little drinking.

I guess I still have a long day to go even I woke up late. Besides, I guess I have ruined my own body clock for staying up too late. I don’t know when I should sleep. 😉 By the way, good morning again errr… noon!

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