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Good News to International Shoppers!

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There are several times that I felt sad because I liked an item on an online store but I couldn’t buy it because the company doesn’t accept international orders. They only accept orders from US or Canada only. Or if they do, it’s not that financially wise because the shipping expenses sometimes values more than the item itself. So, you are left with no choice but just accept the fact that you can’t buy any of the things you want available in US online stores.
But there is good news! I have found a solution in MyUS.com website. They offer the most marvelous service for international shoppers who will become their members. MyUS.com website offers member services such as package forwarding, mail forwarding, lesser shipping costs and more. If you become a member, you can shop from any online US stores where your heart desires with no problem at all. Why? Because MyUS.com, they provide their members with authentic US street address that is distinctive for each member. Having a real address in the US, merchants will consider this valid and accepts your orders. After that, when packages are delivered to MyUS.com’s provided address, they will consolidate all packages and send it all together making members save up to 70% on international shipping fees!

So, if you might be apprehensive about this new service, why not visit MyUS.com website and check it more out! This could help you save more on shipping rates!

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