Got Scammed by My Domains

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Three of my blogs are now back online after I got scammed by a domain reseller. The three dot COM domains I have with them can no longer be acquired.

Some of the people from twitter where already shouting out that they are a scam. But I didn’t believe immediately because my blogs were still online. So, I sent them tickets about me wanting to get full control of the domains but they are no longer replying back. When I search online, I found out that they have been in the business of scamming people since 2009. Here is the link on reviews people made against them. So, please be warned, do not buy anything from them. They will just rip you off!

If we are linked in anyway, through blogroll or BC Bloggers, I implore your kind hearts to change my old domain names to the new ones, namely:

The Business Minded Mom:
is now

The Movie Mommy:
is now

Friendship and Smiles:
is now

Thank you very much!! God bless you all!!

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