Grand Duchess Olga

When I was blog hopping and dropping an EC card, I came across a blog with this quiz posted. So, I thought I should try it myself and see what the results will be.

Check mine out!

Which Grand Duchess Would YOU Be?

You are Olga, the serious, compassionate poet; eldest of the four Grand Duchesses. You can be moody, but you have a heart of gold. You always try your best to help others. You are highly intelligent, and are something of a book worm. You are honest to a fault.

The description is very nice…hehehe…I like!!

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3 thoughts on “Grand Duchess Olga

  1. wanna try this one out too. nice.

    btw, you’re awarded:


  2. moody pala si mommy ruby! hehe, i have tagged you

    please do it soon, kakaumpisa pa lang nito 🙂

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