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Great Customer Service

Excellent customer service rarely happens nowadays but last week and yesterday I encountered one.

My hubby gave his salary ATM to me the last time he came here for a vacation. He said he could not control himself so might as well I handle the family’s financial resources. So, he opened another account at BPI so that I would be able to send him his allowance. Since I am not fond of going out the house, I opened my own BPI account so that I can do online transfers.

When I went to one of BPI’s Express Banking Unit last week, the girl there was very accommodating. She answered all my inquiries. Since I lacked the required 1×1 picture, I told her that I would come back as soon as I have my requirements completed.

Then yesterday, I asked my father accompany me in opening my own account. He told me that I should go to another affiliated branch but I replied that I liked the service of that woman. So, we went back there yesterday. There were many clients when I arrived but she was still smiling and swift with her service. After a few minutes of waiting, my transaction with them was finished.

It was too bad I have forgotten to ask her name and took a picture of her. She was really pretty and accommodating. Kudos to the female teller at BPI Express Banking OroRama Branch!


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xxxNinaxxx August 22, 2008 - 12:01 am

Hi mommy…your right it is really nice to know na meron pang mababait na customer service ngayon. yung iba talaga napaka you know mayabang na….by the way I featured you already in my free ad since you left a comment in my reflection if you want to change your badge there let me know…thanks

Mayet August 22, 2008 - 12:03 am

very rare talaga na makaencounter ng ganyan! ewan ko ba kung bakit yung ibang teller eh parang mga ice sculpture!


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