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Great Destinations: San Miguel de Allende


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As I have always said, having a Caribbean vacation is one of those that I really hoped in life. Not for me alone but for the entire family. Availing a great vacation condo rentals or villas from the many places of the Caribbean coastline would be nice. Spending the whole day at the beach or the pools with the family would be utterly exciting and enjoyable. And when the evening comes, a romantic dinner date with hubby in some of the famous restaurants would surely end a great vacation!
Aside from Playa del Carmen or the Caribbean cruise packages, another great place that I would love to go is San Miguel de Allende at the exciting country of Mexico. Living in the Philippines with the same Spanish descendants, Mexico would be a great place to explore similar cultural heritages. I heard from a friend that they have great historical places such as Old Catholic churches and galleries. San Miguel de Allende also caters the best hotels and restaurants. The place also comes alive every night with their lively bars. Sounds like a great place to feel young and alive right?

Anyway, there is a site that I have been to. They have great information on San Miguel de Allende: how to get there, short and long term rentals, and even establishment reviews. They also have a discussion board wherein you can view more information. Check out SanMigueldeAllendeMexico.com!


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meiyah August 12, 2008 - 2:41 am

wow… such a beautiful church…. ganda talaga… whew!

macky August 15, 2008 - 6:14 am

glad to see another pinoy fascinated by SMA. i was there early this year & fell in love with the place. it turned out to be holy week & the daily festivals were amazing. beautiful town.

my wife & i are now planning to live there for at least 6 months to soak in the arts & culture. we are looking at an october move (in time for dia de los muertes/all-souls)


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