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Great Food at Home

One of the best things I enjoyed staying with my parents is my father’s cooking prowess. He can turn ordinary ingredients into mouth watering dishes.

This afternoon, he turned ordinary instant noodles into a delicious dish. He used eggs, hotdogs and pork meat as additional ingredients. Then end result was very tasty and caused my kiddos to eat a lot (including the mother too). I am no expert in cooking but sure an expert in food testing. HEHEHE….

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  • Pinay WAHM

    Lucky you kasi you can still enjoy such things. It’s probably of the things I miss most about my parents, especially my mother. As a daughter, I can say that my mother’s cooking will always be the best to me. I tried doing what she did, even asked her the complete recipe when she was alive….but I can never replicate her dishes.

    It’s good to hear you’re having some great home made cooking from your father….

    Take care. Musta ang mga bata?

    Mommy J

  • Mommy Ruby

    thanks mommy j for dropping by! yeah, i maybe am lucky in few things. that is a blessing worth counting. ha! you missed my new post. i wish you could leave me a comment on it. i kinda felt stupid lately. HEHEHE…

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