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Great Gifts for Mums-to-Be

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Stumped on what to buy a mum-to-be? This nifty list of nine mum-to-be gifts has got you covered.

1. A scrapbook template

Creating the baby’s story is an exciting part of being a new mum, but full-on scrapbooking can be daunting. Having a fill-in scrapbook with prompts and ideas is an easy alternative. There are plenty of cookie-cutter scrapbooks floating around the internet, but creating a template yourself for the mum-to-be will be an added personal touch if you have the time to do so.

2. An outfitted crib

Picking out a crib can be stressful for parents, and you can make their job easier by doing it for them. Pick a crib that meets current safety regulations and choose a comfortable cot mattress to help the baby sleep better. Patterned, baby-friendly sheets are a perfect finishing touch for the final product!

3. Cute maternity clothes

Your mum-to-be will probably be more concerned with getting clothes for the baby than for herself, so buying her some fashion-forward, flattering maternity kit will keep her stylish and happy.

4. A spa visit

Rest assured the mum-to-be may not be taking the time to spoil herself with spa visits, so take the initiative and book one for her. As a new mum, a pedicure, manicure or massage may be exactly what she needs to feel spiffy.

5. A photo shoot

For a mum-to-be, having a glamour shoot with the baby bump may be just what she needs for a boost of self-confidence, not to mention an amazing memory for years to come. Luckily, Demi Moore made baby bump shoots a trend many years ago and there are currently plenty of photography studios offer cost-friendly mum-to-be packages.

6. A sugar splurge

If you’re operating on a smaller budget, remember that any mum-to-be will appreciate a sweet fix of homemade brownies or some fine chocolates. If she happens to be a health nut, trail mixes and dried fruits are all-natural alternatives that still satisfy a sugar craving.

7. A baby sling

This is a perfect gift for when the baby arrives. Since newborns are small and easy to carry, a sling is a practical way for your mum-to-be to stay close to her baby and still be able to move around.

8. Basket of baby books

Putting together some classic baby books for the mum-to-be and her newborn to read together is another ideal gift—she can even use the basket for storage after she’s shelved the books.

9. Beauty supplies

Lotions, creams and aromatherapy oils are all appreciated additions to any mum-to-be’s beauty regime. Expensive and non-hypoallergenic soaps and creams will help her to feel positive and pampered.

10. A babysitter

Prying your mum-to-be away from the baby may be a challenge. If you’re up for it, giving her a break from parenting may be exactly what she needs to get some “me-time.” Find a local babysitter or offer your own services so she can have a night away when she needs it.

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zoan April 1, 2013 - 1:50 pm

I am not a mom to be:D but I would love to receive such gifts:D


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