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I believe that if there is anything free, people’s ears stand up straight, right? And if there is an announcement for a Free Blog Hosting, wouldn’t I go check it out?

So I check this one out at okayblog.net and I think that like its website name, it is okay. It is like a new blogging platform, like blogger and wordpress. The only thing different maybe is that instead of your URL being http://blogname.blogspot.com it will become . I guess it is not that bad considering that it is a free service.

I have yet to try signing up and really starting my blog so I could not really comment on the template and other settings. The sign up process seems easy enough though and any newbie can easily navigate through the site without much problem. It is user friendly I believe. I just have to try it out to make sure.

I am just kinda busy at the moment and nothing comes to mind as per the topic of my blog. Just one tip if you are new in blogging, think of a unique name for your blog as there are already gazillions of blogs out there with similar names. Find a unique euphemism for your topic and you will be on your way to blogging haven.

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