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Great Reading for Father’s Day

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Not sure about what to get for Father’s day? Books make a great gift, and at The Great Gift Company we have stocked a great range of books for the man in your life. Whether he is a big reader or not, he is bound to appreciate one of the many light reads we have on offer. Here are three that we have picked out as the best.

Geek Dad

Geeks have been an essential part of the development of society. Ken Denmead, editor of the Geek Dad blog on Wired.com, has written the perfect guide to developing the next generation of Geeks. If the father of your kids has some geeky qualities, this book has plenty of ideas to help him spend more quality time with his ‘students’.

‘Geek Dad’ is a bestseller packed with activities for dads and kids of all ages. With projects to suit all budgets and timeframes, this book is sure to be referred to every time they are looking for something to do on a Sunday afternoon.

The Dangerous Book For Middle Aged Men

menreadingbooksIf he has gone beyond the phase of looking after the kids at the weekend and is entering the mid-life crisis, then this may be the perfect book for him. Written by David Quantick, of Grumpy Old Men fame, ‘The Dangerous Book For Middle Aged Men’ is a hilarious guide to coping with the male menopause.

With plenty of madcap ideas to help him cling on to his youth, this book is sure to be a hit throughout this most testing of times.

How to Land an Airbus A330

‘How to Land an Airbus A330: And Other Vital Skills For The Modern Man’ is the bestseller from Topgear presenter James May. Inspired when he received a dreary book about ‘essential’ man skills as a gift, he set about putting together a collection of man skills that may actually come in handy one day.

A good dad has always been there when things go wrong, although there are a few situations which are beyond his skill set. From landing a plane to delivering twins, this book will help bring him up to scratch with what to do in many of life’s eventualities.

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