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Green Gadget Gift Guide

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The world is going green for two reasons. The first is because it is good for the nature we are surrounded by. The second is because we have to – we have no choice. There is no alternative to going green today. In this state of affairs a “green” gifts speaks a lot for the kind of person you are – concerned about the environment and mature, so to speak. The following is a list of some of the best “green” gift ideas out there. If you are looking to gift a friend, relative or associate something green then consider the following list

Simple Tech Redrive Hard Drive

This amazing gift is made from eco friendly materials namely bamboo and recyclable aluminum. This hard drive uses very less power and is equipped with an Energy Star power adapter. It is also a great time saver with its turbo USB 2.0 interface being up to 25 percent faster than USB 2.0.

The Ankelite

This makes a great gift for bike enthusiasts. The Ankelite is a solar powered bike light. It features constant as well as flashing modes. In addition it provides 360 degrees of lighting.

Bedol Water Powered Clock

This is an amazing clock that sustains its power supply using water. You only need to change the water sometimes. To get it started fill in tap water and a bit of lemon juice and see the amazing technology of this water powered clock.

Mini Kin Wind Powered Personal Charger

All it takes to charge products using this charger is a strong breeze. It comes loaded with an adjustable arm and a suction cup. In addition there are adapters for different brands of cell phones. The manufacturers’ claim that up to 150 minutes of call time can be had with 60 minutes of charging.

Easybloom Plant Sensor

You may not be a talented gardener yet you can do justice to your plants if you use the Easybloom Plant Sensor. If you are an avid gardener then check out this product. The product measures suitability of a certain location for growing plants using parameters like temperature, soil moisture and sunlight. It can also diagnose if plants are sick and tells you if they need watering.

The Voltaic Backpack

If the person you are gifting to is a weekend hiker then this tough, lightweight solar backpack is recommended for them. There are pockets and channels throughout the backpack for several electronic devices. It gives 4 watts of power. You can store energy via an included battery pack.

The Kill-A-Watt

This amazing power strip lets you know how efficient plugged in appliances are. It keeps tabs on current leakage, KWH, amperage and line frequency. What’s more the included surge protector ensures the safety of your devices.

A Solar Radio

This is a great gift idea if the person being gifted is a green conscious person who loves the radio. It runs FM and AM for 25 hours when fully charged. It has an AC adapter and hard crank in addition to the built in solar panel which makes charging easy and versatile.

Green is the new trend. Being eco-conscious shows off the responsibility of your persona as well as your elementary nature. Gifting green shows that you care.

This is a guest post by freelance writer Jonathan Mehlig for Texas Electricity Providers who offer the best energy rates in Allen Texas and the rest of the state. Jonathan usually covers green tech topics and loves to spend his free time in the nature.

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