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I don’t remember if it was a movie, a documentary or a magazine but what was said was worth remembering. He said that humans are finding ways to live life in another planet but we can’t take good care of our own. Well, indeed he has a point. Our planet is dying day by day with all the pollutions created and only few people take the initiative to save it.

One of the websites that I admired for taking efforts in promoting eco friendly ideals is www.green-base.com. Aside from providing the latest news on go for green advocacies, they have a list of their recommended companies that sells eco friendly products such as books, non-toxic cleaners, toys, apparels and many more.

So, if you are planning to have an eco friendly lifestyle to save our own home, I believe www.green-base.com is the right place to read about it! It’s time to participate in a greener life.

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