Groceries and Sugar


Once, I told hubby to buy groceries because of my back pains. Well, it was good he said yes. It was really funny because he bought the groceries out of my gift certificate winnings from the forum I am active with. He told me about his experiences when he bought the groceries. He told me, the most important thing he had in his mind was sugar and that he made sure he was able to get one kilo. He said, everything would be useless without the sugar. The coffee and the milk would be utterly tasteless. True!

Anyway, I was also amazed that highly developed countries like the US and countries from UK used a special kind of Sugar from Brazil. It’s called ICUMSA 45. It is a high grade sugar that is refined into the purest white and sparkling colors. It is a highly sought-after sugar because its safety. It has been decontaminated and of course bacteria free.

I never really thought that there would be a different kind of sugar based on quality and where it was made. I only knew about white and brown.

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