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Grocery Escapades

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A few hours ago, I just got back from the grocery store with my husband. We bought some essential things that we needed inside the house such as milk, coffee, brown sugar, juices, cereals, fresh milk, and more. And guess what?! Our grocery escapade tonight was so exceptional because we were able to bring a grocery list, two green bags and my SM Advantage Card (for the store’s point system). We were so ready and this rarely happens!
Aside from that, tonight is our first time to buy a 2.5KG Nido Milk which costs 914.50 pesos. My husband said maybe we will spend less if we buy the big one instead of the small ones that kept us sending to the market every now and then when it’s depleted. As you can see, I am a coffee lover but I love it when my coffee has full cream milk instead of a creamer.
Anyway, I was really thankful that the bank cleared my Paypal withdrawal early. God knows that we badly need food for the house. We also need money to pay up some debts and bills. Thank you Lord!
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