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Before travelling was a luxury provided to the rich, but today, thanks to groupon online deals many people can experience it not only by themselves but also with the family. Groupon sites have drastically changed the face of how consumers can buy items whether it’s for travelling, appliances, concert tickets and others. These sites made it possible for average income earners to experience something that only the rich was able to experience before.

As for me, I am an avid fun of groupon sites even for digital products. Last year, I was able to buy a new domain name for my blog at a very low price because of a groupon site. It was a fantastic deal that I couldn’t resist.

Now, I saw several groupon sites offering a travel package to Hong Kong Disneyland. Boy it was so affordable!

Unfortunately, if wouldn’t be for me since I need to times the price to four because I want to bring my children along with me. As of now, I haven’t availed it. Maybe in the next few months or a year or two, I would be able to afford the price for four people. I want to visit Hong Kong Disneyland with my kids.

Though not all news of groupon sites are good news, there are bad news as well. One of my friends was victimized by a fake deal. Though it was not the groupon site’s fault, the name of the groupon site was put in a bad light because of the travel agency who offered the deal. It was a very sad news.

Anyway, do you buy from group sites? Do you have good and bad experiences with them? Please share to us!

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